Televising History: memory, nation, identity



A postgraduate conference held as part of the AHRC-funded ‘Televising History 1995-2010’ research project



University of Lincoln, 13-15 June 2007



EMMTEC building, Brayford Campus



Conference programme


12 June 2007 EMMTEC building


4-6pm Project team available in EMMTEC building to guide delegates to accommodation.

Delegates arriving later should go to the Pavilions accommodation office to collect their key.


13 June 2007 (breakfast 7.30am-9am, Pavilions cafe)


10.00am Ann Gray: Welcome and introduction – Auditorium (ground floor)


10.30-11.30 Plenary speaker: Andrew Hoskins, University of Warwick (Introduction Ann Gray)

‘Ghost in the Machine: Television and Memory’ and questions


11.30-12 coffee – EMMTEC ground floor, Gallery


12 noon First parallel panels of postgraduate papers


Session A: Chair Sylvia Harvey – CETL, 2nd fl.      Session B: Chair Erin Bell – IT lab, 1st fl. 


Sarah Moody, University of Lincoln                      Francisca Fuentes, University of Nottingham

The Englishness of Robin Hood: British identity    RFK Funeral Train: The cultural life

and the mythical hero in the history classroom     of a memory text



Barbara Sadler, University of Lincoln                    Enrique Guerrero, University of Navarra, Spain

Constructing 'the North' on ITV1                           The beginnings of TV Production in Spain: how did TVE learn to make entertainment?

12.40 – 1           Questions/comments



1pm-2pm Lunch, EMMTEC ground floor gallery



2pm-3pm Second panels of postgraduate papers

Session A: Chair Ann Gray – CETL room, 2nd fl.   


Amy Holdsworth, University of Warwick                          

Television Resurrections: TV, Memory and The Museum  



Natalie Edwards, University of Nottingham           

"A Sign of the Times": Tipping the Velvet  and the Performance of History



Lin Feng, University of Nottingham

The Birth of a TV Star: Chow Yun-fat, Typecasting and Hong Kong Modern Xiaosheng


3-3.15               Questions/comments



3.15-4.15pm Plenary speaker: Angela Piccini, University of Bristol – Auditorium

(Introduction: Erin Bell)

‘The stuff of dreams: archaeology, audience and becoming material’ and questions


4.15-4.30pm Coffee - EMMTEC ground floor, gallery



4.30-4.45pm Overview of arrangements for evening - Auditorium



6.50pm Optional Ghost Walk – start at the Magna Carta pub - bring waterproofs! followed by:

8.30pm Dinner in Lincoln – Tequilas Mexican restaurant


14 June 2007 (Breakfast 7.30-9am, Pavilions café)


9.30-10.30am Speakers (introduced by Ann Gray):

Jean Macintyre and Victoria Blyth, Bishop Grosseteste University College, Lincoln

‘Engaging with the Past: The Preconceptions and Conceptions of the Community’ and questions – Auditorium


10.30-10.45 Comfort break


10.45-11.45am Plenary speaker: Wolter Braamhorst, University of Rotterdam/Media professional

‘The Wonderful World of History Television’ and questions – Auditorium (Introduction: Erin Bell)


11.45-12 Coffee break, ground floor, gallery


12-1.15pm Third panel of postgraduate papers – Auditorium. Chair: Erin Bell                                              


Ross Wilson, University of York                                     

The Western Front on Television: History and Popular Memory                                                     


Vin Arthey, University of Teesside

Triggered by TV:  Hunting the KGB colonel William Fisher



Priya Virmani, University of Bristol

Revising Media Globalisation: The Case of Television


1-1.15pm Questions/comments



1.15-2pm Lunch, EMMTEC ground floor gallery



2-3.15pm Early career papers – Auditorium. Chair: Ann Gray



Francis Reid, University of Lincoln

What can historians learn from history on TV?


2.30 – 3.00       

Emily Keightley, Loughborough University

Memory and Method: Exploring memory as a research tool and as a research topic                       

3-3.15pm Questions/comments



3.15 – 4.15 Workshop session – discussion of themes, issues, problems

(Please put your name on the ‘sign up’ sheet circulating on the morning of the 13th)


Session A: Auditorium                Session B IT room 1st fl.              Session C MC0025,

MHAC bdg (next door)

'Reel History' - The work of          How to write a thesis                  Research beyond PhD

the Yorkshire Film Archive          Emily Keightley                                     Erin Bell/Francis Reid

Binny Baker                                                                 


4.15-4.45pm Group discussion of issues raised and themes of the conference – Auditorium


7pm Conference Dinner in Lincoln, Pomodoro e Basilico Italian restaurant


15 June 2007 (Breakfast 7.30-9am, Pavilions café)



9.30-10.30 Plenary speaker: Helen Weinstein, University of York – Auditorium

(Introduction: Ann Gray) Narrative strategies and emotional engagement: how genre and format deliver audience in UK history TV products, 2000-2007



10.30 – 11.30 Workshop session – discussion of themes, issues, problems - rooms

(Please put your name on the ‘sign up’ sheet circulating on the morning of the 13th)


Session A: CETL room 2nd fl.      Session B: Auditorium                Session C: IT room 1st fl.

How to get published                  How to write a thesis                  Research beyond PhD

Ann Gray/Emily Keightley           Francis Reid                              Erin Bell



11.30-noon Ann Gray overview/summary/thanks - Auditorium



12.15 End


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