Summary of the Key Areas for the Project


·            Devise a working definition of the term ‘public history’.


·         Audiences.  Although a large scale audience study is beyond the scope of the project it was considered important to find out what people think about these programmes, how they consume them, think about the ways of raising more research money to explore that in the future.  One suggestion is to request sight of the Appreciation Index (AI)  for different kinds of history programmes.  Find out whether broadcasters would be prepared to share their research into audience figures, particularly the view of Channel 4 with regard to release of research information and its archiving policy. It is the research that drives the programme choices.


·            Important to look closely at the BBC as a special case –The public service broadcasting remit and , the BBC’s relationship between a sense of history and national identity. .


·            Use of televised history in schools – the Project could look at recommendations to help and guide teachers in how to maximise that potential.  A lot of teachers would value the opportunity to use programmes in ways that best suit their needs.  Link up with the OCR body, as discussed previously.


·            Plans for the Project Team for the next year include another Advisory Board meeting at about the same time next year, but perhaps with a slightly different format.  There will also be a symposium for postgraduate students, and a regular bulletin to keep all the interested parties up to date with developments and events.


·            Board members were asked to talk to others who may be interested in becoming part of the project, and Ralph Lee would be approached to see if he would be prepared to participate.  An electronic version of the notes of this meeting, and the Project Statement and other paperwork included in the handouts, would be circulated.


Ann thanked all the Board members again for all their valuable contributions and suggestions and the meeting was closed.


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